Big Band Ballroom Dance Week-ends
bySouthern Rhapsody Dance Society


What Dancers Say About SRDS

During discussions at the NBEA convention. (Milo & Deborah Felger-Professional Performance Dancers)
“As we related in our presentation, your group is the "epitome" of a successful ballroom organization. You have managed to bring together people of diverse background, age and styles of dance to enjoy the very best of what ballroom dancing has to offer. Your instructional work is straightforward and grounded, as can be seen by the capable dancing that is displayed at your events. Rather than drawing students away from the ballroom environment, you have infused it with energy and vitality. No detail goes unnoticed.”
“As Ballroom dance develops and changes with the times so do you, retaining the class and sophistication of the past while embracing the new styles and expression of the future. Kudos to you Southern Rhapsody.”

 e-mail from Judy Bumbaugh
“Bill & I so enjoyed the Memorial Day Weekend in Nashville. Bud & Barb were so right in their praise of this event. I enjoyed the bands, the ample dance floor and meeting other people who love to dance. We hope to do this again.”

e-mail from Paul & Helen Hendrickson
“We want to thank you for another three day ballroom dance session at the Indiana Roof. The orchestras provided the expected “danceable music” and as usual, the Indiana Roof proved to be an ideal convenient facility adjacent to the Embassy Suites for such an event.”

e-mail from Ceil & Roger Nichols
“Thanks for another great dance. We want you to realize how much we appreciate your hard work and commitment. Thank you so much for a wonderful time.”

Paul & Joyce Dunlap Dance Newsletter
“If Southern Rhapsody engaged them, you could be sure that they were good. Frank and Madge Deeter and Paula Caldwell have very high ballroom dancing standards. That's why they invite all of us to the Indiana Roof each July, for their big band weekend, the Roof is simply the most elegant ballroom of all, and Southern Rhapsody Dance Society brings in the best dance bands.”


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