Big Band Ballroom Dance Week-ends
bySouthern Rhapsody Dance Society

 Russ Morgan Orchestra

JackMorganSmThe Russ Morgan Orchestra
has performed continuously
since 1935

In the 30's and 40's, "Music In The Morgan Manner" was heard in millions of homes weekly through that wonderful medium of radio remotes. It was "Music In The Morgan Manner" with Russ Morgan, his "wah wah" trombone and his orchestra.

Jack Morgan began playing trombone when he was 13 years old and became a musician in the Russ Morgan Orchestra at the age of 17. For almost twelve years prior to Russ' death in 1969, Jack sang and played along side his dad. A member of ASCAP, Jack was inducted into the Big Band Hall of Fame in 1997.


As an outstanding ballroom dancer, Jack has won many awards for his fine performances. This is an important quality in dance music leadership as Jack can sense at once the rhythm of the orchestra and is certain to maintain the tempo that the dancers enjoy most.

Russ Morgan Orchestra

Pictured at the Southern Rhapsody 2006 Indianapolis dance.

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